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Micaiah Williams  Hello, my name is Micaiah Williams. I am here to help you in any way available to me. I am part of generation Z, making me young, but I have so many great and terrible experiences to share with you. My life has always been kind of complicated, but I have decided to no longer let my life control me. Throughout my blog, you are going to read some of the most honest and vulnerable stories you have ever experienced. I am going to take everything I have been through and learned, and use it to make content that teaches you those same lessons but without the heartbreak and struggle. So if you would like to read about my childhood struggle of growing up with alcoholic and drug-addicted parents, the story of how I dealt with the changes it brought, and the story of my assault, then sign up for email reminders about posts and other info. My life is a lot of what I would like to talk about but there are also so many other topics that I will be covering in this blog. Thank

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